Welcome to 6th Day Health Ministries!

Have you ever wondered what the Bible teaches about life, health and Nutrition? We believe it is God's desire for us to be healthy, as stated in the verse above! As believers, God has given us the answers to all of life's questions in his word- and that includes our health!

Eating to be healthy in our modern day society can be a real challenge! We have come a LONG way from the Garden of Eden- and NOT for the better! There is so much contradicting information out there- what should you believe? And, where should you start? It can be over-whelming!!

Hosea 4:6 states, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

Our goal is to provide you with knowledge that will help you make better choices for you and your family. Choices that will affect your health and every aspect of your lives! We teach classes that take this subject one "BITE"  at a time (pun intended!) to learn how to achieve maximum health through diet and lifestyle.

This stuff works! And why should we be surprised?!! When we put God's directives into practice- amazing, wonderful and even miraculous things can happen! No snake-oils, pills, weird supplements or quackery required! It's a simple plan- the way God intended for it to be! And, it will actually save you money and time in the kitchen!

What could be more important than your family's health?! We look forward to sharing the knowledge God has provided in his word regarding health! We will be sharing testimonies, nutritional information, videos, cooking methods, recipes, research, devotions, product reviews and so much more! We are a light-hearted, fun-loving bunch here at 6th Day Health, so we have lots of fun along the way! We have set our classes up so that you can take things a step at a time to suit your goals, schedule, and level of commitment! Come join us and see and feel the difference in you and your family's health and happiness! Classes available locally and on-line!

Healthy Blessings!!

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Who We Are

Start down the path to a healthier life with help from 6th Day Health Ministries, a biblical health ministry in Lexington, Kentucky. With more than 20 years of experience, and the truth of the Bible behind us, we pride ourselves on teaching classes that help individuals and families achieve maximum health and wellness. We share the knowledge God has lead us to in the area of health and nutrition through various avenues, including local and on-line health classes, healthy recipes, research and articles in the area of health and nutrition, cooking demonstrations, products reviews, devotions for reflection and encouragement, testimonies of healing, improved health, increased energy and quality of life, health book and DVD reviews, links to helpful products and articles and more including some fun stuff to help us laugh along the way too! (Laughter is good medicine too!) The truth is in the Bible, so we look to the scriptures to seek His will for all areas of our lives including HEALTH!

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